Compare And Contrast The Legal Models Of The Supreme Court Decision Making Model

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1) Legal
2) Attitudinal
3) Strategic
With the vague words of the constitution and these 3 models this is how the Supreme Court justices are to make decisions.
1) The legal aspect of the decision-making is strictly based on the facts, laws & precedent. A precedent is a former case that might have some of the same issues that the judge can use to help solve the present case by being informed of how the former judge interpreted the constitution.
2) This model gives the Supreme Court justices the right to deal any hand they want. They can make a case go either way with their choosing. Some Supreme Court justices might differ completely on a decision from one another on the same case but it is completely legal. Their decision-making is based on
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With this, the justice is not only worried about the case, but he/she is worried about what the public will say about the outcome. This model involves more people then the justice & the people involved with the case. The justice might base a decision off what the public wants. Strengths & Weaknesses
1) A strength to this method would be that the justice is not using any emotion or personal information for this case. It is strictly based on the case itself without complicating it by using other information. The same reason this can be a strength it can be a weakness. The same 2 cases might need to be handled differently on certain circumstances.
2) A weakness to this is that the justice can be bias. This can be either fortunate or unfortunate to certain cases and people with which justice takes on their case.
3) This model can affect a case for the wrong reasons. A judge might feel compelled to sway one way for the simple fact of his publicity. This can also be a strength because the justice might feel more confident in a decision because the public agrees with
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In a school assembly he used sexual references while nominating a classmate for a position in student government. This classmate was elected while Mathew was suspended from school for 3 days and wasn’t aloud to speak at graduation. His parents then appealed the schools action. This case was taken to Washington’s Supreme Court and they ruled that his freedom of speech was being taken away by this punishment. This case was influential because it shows that in different settings our rights can be tampered with. This case brought light to students that our freedom of speech is always protected but like we learned in earlier lessons it can be taken away from you in certain situations. If Mathew wanted to say these things after school hours then that would be appropriate but it might not be appropriate to use sexual references at a school assembly when it could potentially offend other

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