The Consequences Of Risk In Merchant Of Venice By William Shakespeare

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Risk is the essence of life. It tastes bitter like coffee, but it rewards you by making you get up and continue stronger. There are many factors that make one determined to take risks, but the strongest ones belong to the people we love. In such cases, taking risks could reach to sacrificing one 's self for his or her loved ones. When one truly cares and loves a person, they take risky actions and decisions for them blindly. This idea of taking great risks for one 's precious ones is often explored through literature. In the play, Merchant Of Venice, the playwright William Shakespeare, utilizes powerful characterization to suggest that taking risks for the people one loves, blinds one of the consequences that may arise.

Portia is a kind woman
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Marrying someone with no freedom of choice is a substantial risk that Portia chooses to take for the love of her father. Moreover, Portia risks her inheritance and her life when she gives Bassanio, her new husband, a ring that grants him everything she owns. This is apparent when Portia tells Bassanio "this house, these servants, and this myself are yours" while rendering him the ring that symbolizes Portia and her love for Bassanio. Giving him a ring that contains this much importance is a peril, taking into consideration Bassanio could be a swindler that would take all of Portia 's money and then leave her. However, Portia takes this risk because she loves Bassanio. Furthermore, Portia takes a risk when she disguises herself as a man to help Antonio for her husband. For instance, posing as a young doctor of law called Balthazar is a risk because it is illegal. Portia falsely impersonates someone learned in the law and abuses the legal system to help Antonio, the man Bassanio cares about deeply. In fact, Portia 's understanding of …show more content…
This is portrayed when Portia risks following her fathers will, when she gives Bassanio a ring that grants him everything she owns, and when Portia risks pretending to be a learned lawyer to help Bassanio 's best friend. These risks could have resulted in Portia marrying a man she may not desire, Bassanio taking all of her money, or going to prison for falsely impersonating a lawyer. Also, Bassanio takes great risks when he risks Antonio 's life to marry his love, when he chooses the lead casket, and when Bassanio gives away the important ring Portia gave him. For instance, these risks could have resulted in Bassanio 's best friend dying, Bassanio not being able to get married to any women, or Portia leaving him and reclaiming her wealth. When one truly cares about someone, the consequences of taking risks for them don 't

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