Just Mercy : A Story Of Justice And Redemption Essay

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Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption was a personal memoir from Bryan Stevenson who experienced a first-hand encounter of racism after growing up in the poor part of Delaware (Stevenson, 2014, p. 13). Stevenson’s first run in with the law came from when he was approached by police officers with guns and flashlights, after they thought he was a thief. Stevenson felt the reason was because he was a black male. As a result, he seeked redemption. He attended law school at Harvard and later became a lawyer. Stevenson focuses on injustices in the criminal justice system by representing minorities such as the poor, African Americans wrongfully accused, the condemned, and sexually abused children, minors sent to prison, and the disabled throughout the memoir (Stevenson, 2014, p. 17). Injustices in the criminal justice system is when authorities falsely accuse or convict certain individuals based on their opinions and feelings. This theme was widely affected in this memoir. Stevenson’s incident in his twenties while he was sitting in his car, he had guns drawn on him by officers who suspected that he had stolen something. The condemned was another theme in the memoir as well. These are the people who are racially profiled and blamed for crimes that they did not commit. Minorities, such as the poor and African Americans fit into this category. The punishments the condemned suffered were not proportionate to the crime that many did not even commit. Sexually abused…

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