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Just Business: Christian Ethics for the Marketplace, 2nd ed., by Alexander Hill
Alexander Hill became the president and chief executive officer of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Alexander Hill as the leader of Intervarsity successfully operated the world renowned Urbana Student Missions Conference. Mr. Hill earned his B.A and his M.A. in business from Seattle Pacific University. He later attended the University Of Washington School Of Law. There he earned a J.D. Mr. Hill has published several articles. He is married with two daughters and the family lives in Madison Wisconsin. Hill worked as the dean of School of Business and Economics at Seattle University.
Section One
The book tries to explain or answer the question of ethical structures
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Hill starts this section off with a question: “Are the ethical standards set by holiness, justice and love too high for the marketplace?” The answers the question by addressing what he calls false exists. The false exist are issues such as dual morality, law, and agency. Hill refers to them as false exist because he feels that the three guarantees ultimate ethical authority in human instrumentalities. Those instruments are business culture, government, and corporate management. These are used rather than God’s character (Hill, 2008). The false exits allow man to justify the marketplace has many wrong doings. The meaning is in the title of the word false existing, meaning there is actually in justification for those wrong doings. Hill states that the emphasis needs to be shown on the rods like, honesty, deception, and disclosure. Hill states that it is important to use honesty in business dealings (Hill, …show more content…
He has case studies on affirmative action, discrimination, and environmental damage. He feels that all of these issues are important parts of today’s marketplace. Hill that Christians should discuss and address this issue. Christian must present themselves in business affairs. The book was written as a Christian in business affairs. Christians in business are showing face, but only when to covenant for their business affairs. Hill states that an “ethical man is a Christian man holding fours ACES”, I see this as a plus and a negative. My reason for that is most people who now calls themselves ethical or Christian and really a Christian. This is a selfish world and business is all about self and what they can get from

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