Essay about Joseph Christian Leyendecker : Shades Of Colors And Lines

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Joseph Christian Leyendecker – Shades of Colors and lines

Joseph Christian Leyendecker a German-American Illustrator and Painter emigrated to Chicago in 1882 from Germany at the age of sixteen with his parents. He studied under John H. Vanderpoel One of his paintings titled “With Admiral Togo Off Port Arthur”, a medium of oil on canvas with the framed dimensions of 31 x 23 x 2 inches, and unframed 27 1/8 x 19 inches. This painting was started in September of 1903 but not quite sure when the finished painting was completed. Another painting of J.C. Leyendecker’s work, titled “Kellogg’s Kid, girl 8-10, a medium of oil on canvas with dimensions of framed 21x 20 x 1 inches and unframed 17 x 16 1/8 inches was painted in 1916. Both paintings were from the Modern Era. J.C Leyendecker had the ability to convey the reality of both everyday lives in America and international events which he showed in these two paintings. The painting,“With Admiral Togo Off Port Arthur”, conveys the intensity and somber look by using colors gray and black for most of the painting with a touch of orange to capture the detail importance of the admiral and the overlapping of objects to promote an atmospheric perspective looking matted. The painting, “Kellogg’s Kid, girl 8-10, conveys excitement and enjoyment by the light, brightness of colors and shape and size of the image which allows us to relate to the painting.
In “With Admiral Togo”, the dark gray lighting and matted look showed the image of…

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