John The Baptist Characteristics

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Character study of John the Baptist
John the Baptist, a man in the bible who by completely every account stood sent by God to start a movement, a movement that would change the way people would be saved forever. He preached about baptism, what that meant, how important it is, and he spoke about the coming of the messiah. The messiah, a hot button topic for that time if ever there was one. John the Baptist was a man who was “calling out in the dessert, make strait the way for the lord.” Much of the time when you hear John the Baptist talk in the book of John, you hear him quoting the scriptures. His purpose on earth was to help pave the way for Jesus’s short ministry. I am going to tell how he did this, and why he is so important to Jesus, and
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He came down to open up the world, and the “people of God to mean something new then it did in the old testament. He wanted to make it known that it was not just the Jews that God wanted with him in heaven. But the rest of the world as well. He wanted to let us know that even if we had done the most despicable thing known to man, and had desecrated our bodies and his name, even killing could be forgiven. If we just turn from the things we have done, and that is the most important part about this message. You have to turn from the things you are doing. You cannot keep on doing them, but if you do repent, and be baptized, if you do come to God and do what he wants you to do. He will be there for you. He will still love you, he might be angry with you, but he will still love you. He will still want you in his kingdom, because the best masterpieces God can make are the imperfect …show more content…
We see that our God is an awesome God when John the Baptist tells the crowed of his fallowers about what he saw the day he baptized Jesus. John the Baptist was teaching, and baptizing in the Jorden. He was calling for everyone who would listen to repent and come back to God. Telling the people that fallowed him, to turn from their sins, and pointing the way to Jesus. Jesus came to John as he was starting his ministry. He came intending to be baptized, and John said no. he told Jesus that if anyone should be baptized it should be John baptized by Jesus. Jesus however said that he needed to be baptized to fulfill all riotousness. he came to see John (this was after the baptism I assume) so that John could testify about him, and how after he had come up from the water a dove descended on Jesus’s shoulders. Jesus came to have this story told, he wanted to use this as an opportunity to gain more fallowers. John the Baptist told everyone what Jesus was, how John the Baptist was unworthy to untie his sandals. He never had to question whether or not Jesus was important to the story of God. He took up the place in the book of john as a witness. That was his purpose, people in that time knew who John the Baptist was, he was a man that died for his faith. John the Baptist knew who he was, and anyone reading the book of John when it was written would have known

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