John Green And David Levithan 's Young Adult Novel Essay

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John Green and David Levithan’s young adult novel, Will Grayson, Will Grayson, is summarized as two teenage boys whom share the same name that find each other at the most unsuspecting place in Chicago. Based on this elementary summary, I thought the story would revolve entirely around two boys that become friends because of their names. However, this is just a minor plot point in the novel. The book is written in two different points of view; Will Grayson 1’s point of view on the odd numbered chapters (written by John Green), and Will Grayson 2’s point of view on the even numbered chapters (written by David Levithan). Will Grayson 1 follows two simple rules; “1. Don’t care too much. 2. Shut up.” (Green 5)., indicating that he is rather timid. Will Grayson 1 is joined by his “fabulous” friend Tiny Cooper, ironically a 6 foot 6 football player, out and proud since the fifth grade, and the star of his self-produced musical, Hold Me Close. Will Grayson 2, who writes entirely in lowercase, is a depressed gay boy, not yet out to many people in the beginning of the novel, including his mom and best friend, Maura. He does, however, have a boyfriend named Isaac that he met online. Needless to say, Will Grayson, Will Grayson is an inspiring novel, especially for teenagers, based on the way the authors tackle tough issues like being gay in a world where some people don 't accept it, battling depression and trying to maintain it through the harsh realities of high school, and finally,…

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