Black, White, And Indi Race And The Unmaking Of An American Family

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In Black, White, and Indian: Race and the Unmaking of an American Family, Saunt explains how the Grayson family tree became a tale of avoiding, dismissal, and denying a part of ancestry as well as family history. In a broader context, it can be traced to America’s denial of being related to African American slaves. As well as the idea that many families ancestors slept with their slaves and created a family tree that connect families together. Saunt mentions in a broader context of brother vs brother, white supremacy, the work that occurred to keep American Indians with African ancestry from having rights, as well as the denial that some families go through.
Saunt has ten chapters that explain the family history of the Grayson’s, which in detail goes down their family tree. During these ten chapters, Saunt explains in detail the struggle that the Grayson’s had with their family and their different races, racial intermarriage, and their racial ancestry. This is a direct comparison to the struggle that many Americans also had during the nineteenth century, as well as some attitudes that many have in the twenty- first as well. In this book, Saunt mentions Robert Gierson who married Sinnugee (who was a part of the Creek Nation) who had two children; Katy and William. The author then tells about how both William and Katy had children with African American partners. Due to outside stress, Katy then leaves her African American partner and possible her children with him…

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