John Broadus Watson Behaviorism Case Study

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Behaviorism is a school of psychology that studied outward behavior that we can measure,observe and record it. However ,psychologists of this school were ignored emotions and feeling and did not give them a significant value because they could not measure them (Myers, 2012). John Broadus Watson, who is considered the father of this school, he believed that child's environment can mold them, as he mentioned in his famous saying, if we give him dozen of healthy children, he can make them as the desired person want them to be, such as doctor, lawyer and artist . He emphasize in the nurturing of the child.(Watson & Rayer,1920). He believed that emotional reactions could be calsscialy conditioned in people as Pavlov dicoverd in the animals in his experiment. As an example, he conditioned that the dog stalivate sence he haer the ring (Fridlund, Beck, Goldie & Irons, 2012).

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It helped the psychology field to prove more information about Watson's ideas, which people can learn behaviors by conditioning them with a stimulus in the environment. Watson focued in the environment more than emotions and feelings. He noticed the importance of the nurture and how parents can mold their children as they want. In my opinion, this experiment should not take place, because they have to think about the child and how he will affected by this experiment. Little Albert was the victim of this study; he suffered from it at his little periods of life. He cannot lived as other children, because he afraid of any white, small, furry objects and animals. Watson did not eliminate the fearful reactions, because he moved from the hospital with his mother. Unfortunately, his life damaged and nobody thought of him. Where is the humanity? Did they think about him? Did they take him to any counsel? What he benefited from this

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