John B Watson Essay

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John Broadus Watson was born in 1878 in Greenville, South Carolina. Born into a morally divided and low-economic family, John did not have what one considers a “picture-perfect,” childhood. His father was a raging addict, while his mother lived by the church. The moral division led to troubles in his adolescent years. He was arrested multiple times due to fighting and illegal activity. His early academic performance suffered as well. He began studying in 1984 at Furman University. He was a member of the Kappa Alpha Fraternity, however, he leaned on the delinquent side. He received low grades in his psychology classes and refused to turn in assignments. However, he did indeed graduate from Furman 5 years later. He decided in 1900 to study philosophy …show more content…
Throughout his adult and later life, Watson had absent/poor relationships with his children. Watson and Rosalie had two sons, William Rayner and James Broadus Watson. They lived on a farm in Whippoorwill. Sadly, in 1935 Rosalie passed away. Watson then moved from Whippoorwill in the 1950s. He relocated to a smaller farm in Woodburry, Conneticut. He was rumored to be a heavy drinker at this time, however, it was never proven. He lived a very reclusive life in his last years. John B. Watson died on September 25th, 1958 at the age of 80 on his farm in Connecticut. Before his death, he destroyed multiple unpublished works. However, he did receive recognition before and after his death. Watson received a citation from the American Psychological Association in 1957. The psychology labs at Furman University were named after Watson in memory of his years spent at Furman. Then in 1984, he was inducted into the South Carolina Hall of Science and Technology. John B. Watson laid the groundwork for behaviorism in psychology. Many concepts and ideals are still used to this day. Behaviorism can be seen used a lot in therapy in regards to patients and helping them change/establish new skills and behaviors. Overall, John B. Watson opened the doors with his theory of behaviorism, and will always be a iconic face in the world of

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