Joe 10's Coffee Essay

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(Joe 10’s Coffee) Filipinos are avid coffee drinkers. They flock coffee shops for chatting, meeting new people, enjoying the scenery, and drinking a good cup of coffee. Coffee shops are not just stores, but emblems of a good coffee experience. Amidst the many coffee shops all over the country, the top ten Philippine coffee shops that have served as a favourite hangout and coffee drinking place for Filipinos are the Starbucks, Gloria Jean’s, Figaro, Bo’s Coffee, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Café de Lipa, UCC Café Plaza, McCafe of McDonalds, and Café Capreal. In Ilocos Region, there are also a lot of coffee shops that serves a really good coffee drinks. One of these coffee shops is Joe 10’s Coffee which is located at …show more content…
Joe 10’s Coffee already offers free Wi-Fi but some of the feedbacks of the customers who already went there suggest that Wi-Fi signal must be stronger inside the shop so they must place more Wi-Fi router within it. They may also install electrical outlets at each table for laptops. They may also host events with a community feel. Sine customers have more than one coffee shop option in Laoag City, Joe 10’s Coffee must make sure that they offer something that others do not. They already offer Krispy Kreme, J.CO and other baked goodies which are not their original products and that are not offered in other coffee shops in Ilocos but they should also add more like those so that patrons want to bring their friends to see the difference. They may also have loyalty programs. Loyalty programs can be as simple as punch cards with the promise of receiving every Nth cup of coffee free, which can be attractive to daily coffee drinkers. Consider taking incentive programs to the next level to beat the competitors. They may institute a more in-depth system that tracks the total peso amount of purchases for each customer like providing free products of some kind when customer spend certain amounts, possibly increasing the value of freebies over time. The positioning statement or tag-line we shall use for Joe 10’s Coffee is “Joe 10’s Coffee: Experience Coffee Diversity.” The tag-line stated coffee

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