Similarities Between American History And Jfk's Death Forged Mediums Role

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There are similarities and differences in how the authors of “American History” and “TV Coverage of JFK’s Death Forged Mediums’ Role” use Kennedy’s assassination in their writing. While the short story & the news article had some similarities in how the authors used Kennedy’s assassination, both had different effects on readers, and both writers had different purposes for their writing.
In “American History” and “TV Coverage of JFK’s Death Forged Mediums’ Role” there are some similarities and these are some that I have found. One is the main idea, both had something to do with JFK’s assassination even though there was different main ideas surrounding it. “American History” was about Elena’s life during JFK’s assassination, “TV Coverage of JFK’s
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What I mean by that is the “American History” story was about how a young girl met a boy that she started to like and it was based during the JFK assassination. Then the TV coverage article was about how JFK’s assassination changed breaking news and TV. They are both about JFK and his assassination but the story and article had different ways of talking about it. Another one of the main difference was the point of views. “American History” was from Elena’s point of view or first person point of view, the story was mainly about how she went through it and shows the story being from her point of view by using the word I or my “I once read” (Cofer 1),“I had forgotten my gloves, and my knuckles were turning red and raw from the jump rope.” (Cofer 2). Then in “TV Coverage of JFK’s Death Forged Mediums’ Role” it uses more of a second person point of view it mainly talks about what was going on, on the television, how TV changed how things happened and how “we” as the author uses changed how TV and breaking news …show more content…
Out of the two “American History” made you feel more emotion than “TV Coverage of JFK’s Death Forged Mediums’ Role” did. “American History” made me feel sad while reading it and at some parts embarrassed for Elena. It made me feel sad or at least a bit upset when Elena wanted to cry for the president but she couldn’t, “That night, I lay in my bed trying to feel the right thing for our dead President. But the tears that came up from a deep source inside me were strictly for me.” (Cofer 7). Also it saddened me, going back to paragraph 2,when the normally loud and happy El Building fell silent,“Even the traffic on one of the busiest intersections in Paterson—Straight Street and Park Avenue—seemed to be moving slower. There were no horns blasting that day. At El Building, the usual little group of unemployed men were not hanging out on the front stoop making it difficult for women to enter the front door. No music spilled out from open doors in the hallway.” (Cofer .5). Or even when she went over to Eugene’s and his mom told her that she isn’t good enough for him, “She looked intently at me for a couple of heartbeats, then said as if to herself, “I don’t know how you people do it.” Then directly to me: “Listen. Honey. Eugene doesn’t want to study with you. He is a smart boy. Doesn’t need help. You understand me. I am truly sorry if he told you you could come over. He cannot study with you. It’s

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