David Neeleman's Case Study

Part A
David Neeleman meets the definition of a leader. According to Kotter, a leader is any individual who is able to influence other people by setting goals and enabling the people to achieve these goals in an effective manner (2013). In contrast a manager is any person in the organizational setting that facilitates day to day operations by planning, organizing, staffing and controlling people and systems. Neeleman is a leader because:
• He creates vision and strategy – Neeleman is known across the industry for creating vision and strategy for airlines that have turned out to be quite successful. For instance, in both JetBlue and Azul airlines where he has been a leader, Neeleman established a vision and strategy of having an airline that
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For instance, in JetBlue airways, employee concerns are addressed through consistent interaction between JetBlue’s executives and employees. In addition, Neeleman believes in the philosophy that if employees are treated well, then they will be able to serve customers well.
• Another reason that makes Neeleman meet the definition of a leader is because he motivates action. According to Kotter (2013), a leader should enable action by removing barriers and in the case study, Neeleman is seen at the forefront of motivating his employees towards action. For instance, as the CEO of Azul, Neeleman regularly goes to the airline’s call center to talk to trainees and staff on the importance of talking to
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Passion is demonstrated in the way the airline constantly interacts with customers to stay in touch with customer and continuously provide a great experience. Another thing that shows passion and enthusiasm in the airline is JetBlue’s Passenger Bill of Rights that focuses on ensuring that customers remain loyal. The management also show their enthusiasm in offering the best services by constantly engaging their employees to ensure that they offer excellent services. Such passion enables the airline to have its customers keep on using the airline’s services.
• Fun – Since it was founded, JetBlue core value has always been to create a fun experience for both staff and customers (JetBlue, 2015). The airline has a culture of ensuring that its employees enjoy what they do and that customers enjoy the service being offered. To ensure that employees have a fun experience at work, JetBlue’s management constantly interacts with employees and address their concerns.

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