Jesus 's Sermon On The Mount Essay

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Matthew 7, in addition to emphasizing Jesus’ strong historical/cultural message on the Mount, makes use of some very poignant and effective literary devices to enhance and emphasize the message. Jesus is the one using these literary devices, as he concludes His Sermon on the Mount. Jesus uses a variety of metaphors, personifications, and parables to illustrate his message to and to teach the crowd in a coherent way that resonates with them. In verse 15, Jesus makes the notable comparison between the personified “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and the false prophet. The statement has historical and cultural significance, which we just addressed, but this example also allows the imagination of the audience to take shape. It acts as a profound literary device. Similarly, Jesus uses the figure of speech known as a metaphor to allow the crowd to visually see the “fruit” which comes from good work. The healthy believer “tree” bears good fruit, and this example found in verse 17 allows the audience to hear and to see what comes from form a fruit bearing tree (and what a sickly tree lacks). Jesus uses examples like these to connect with his audience, and the author of Matthew captures the literary and oratory skill Jesus possessed on that day preaching the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus is able to align himself with his audience in a genuine and intellectually stimulating way, and it is important to see this passage as one where literary devices play an important role in the message’s…

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