Jesus 's Image Of A Young Jesus Essay

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In this text, Mary and Joseph accidentally leave Jesus behind at the temple when they are traveling home from Jerusalem. Once they find Jesus, he asks them why they were surprised that he had stayed at the temple, which is described in the text as “my Father’s house.”
This text is the only story of Jesus’ childhood in any of the canonical Gospels. Only Luke found it necessary to include this image of Jesus. Other gospels, like the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, depict Jesus as a child, but these stories are more elaborate. Luke’s image of a young Jesus is more concise and serves a particular function within the larger context of this Gospel. While Matthew, Mark, and John start with a birth story or Jesus’ ministry, this text in Luke serves as a transition between infant Jesus and adult Jesus.
One of the primary functions of this text is to demonstrate Jesus’ wisdom and divinity. It shows us that Jesus was wise and divine not only as an adult but also as a young child. In the temple, the teachers are “amazed” by Jesus’ knowledge and after Mary and Joseph locate Jesus, he is very matter-of-fact about the idea that the temple is exactly where he is supposed to be. It should not come as a surprise that this child was at the temple. The final two verses in this text (2:51-52) function as transitional material that repeats this idea. In references to Jesus’ obedience to his parents and continued growth of wisdom and divinity, Luke fills in the gap between childhood and adulthood…

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