Jesus Of Nazareth And Siddhartha Essay

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Jesus of Nazareth and Siddhartha were both regarded as great teachers in their time. Both Jesus and Siddhartha were human. Their teachings are founded on the simple basis that everyone seeks to be happy, and how to avoid suffering. Yet both suffered a great deal during their life time. They both understood their society’s troubles and stood up to social injustice and moral issues within their church. Both founded different religions. Siddhartha’s original religion was Hinduism and Jesus of Nazareth was born a Jew. Yet, both had the same motivation, which was to help guide others to the right path. Siddhartha, the enlightened one known as Buddha, taught through mediation. By having the right thoughts, feelings and way of life, one could be enlighten. Jesus showed that through faith one can achieve salvation. …show more content…
Much like Siddhartha, Jesus left his life and family behind and set forth as a preacher. He did not have any children and married his church. Little is known of Jesus of Nazareth youth, we do know he was a carpenter like his foster father Joseph. Jesus was a rebel in his time, going against the Sabbath and by preaching that the church should serve the people and not the other way around. Jesus was considered a rebel of his time. Jesus was sentence to death by a way of crucifixion by both the Jews and Romans. After his death, Jesus resurrected three days later. This is a major difference in the beliefs between Jesus and Buddha. When Buddha passed, he ended his suffering through extinction.

Both Jesus and Buddha spoke of peace, to love your neighbor as your own, to do not steal or kill. However, one difference is that Buddha advised not to get intoxicated of any kind and Jesus was a known wine drinker. Buddha did not believe in a almighty God but rather self-enlightenment. On the other hand, Jesus believed in salvation through faith and place their hopes in the kingdom of

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