Jesus: The Son Of God And Man

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Jesus, who is he? Does anyone truly know who Jesus is? Jesus is lived and died for mankind. Is he the Messiah, the lord, the son of God? Jesus was there to serve, and I believe that is what he did. Jesus did not lie he was honest and even if people didn’t like what he had to say he would not hid in secret. He was a servant of all. Jesus is the son of God and Man. I believe Jesus has to be both because he needs to be the same as you and I to serve and help mankind. Jesus being the son of God always gave him the power to not be tempted by sin and pure. Being the son of God, he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps for the better of humanity. Jesus even refers to God as Father. (McGrath 63) However, he has to be human so he can have humanity …show more content…
Cone’s point about who Jesus is which can actually tie in to Jesus being a servant. Cone states even that people follow historical Jesus that suffered and died to serve even in life after death. (Cone 123-124) This shows he even serves after he died to keep fighting for us before he rose again. People might not agree with Cone, but I do. I believe Jesus goes along with the little guy in every point in time. Jesus is just trying to protect people from wrongful treatment as we are all God’s children. That why Cone says he is black. By agreeing with this point it shows that God is truly a servant. Now I’m not saying that Jesus isn’t worshipped by people. Now you could say that people is worshipping him he could just be doing everything to gain attention and grow his own popularity with people. People also look at they are worshipping instead of God himself, that’s why we believe in the holy trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This way the Son is the Father and the Father is the Son. This way people worship Jesus they in fact are worshipping God, because they are one in the same. I like this because it clears one counter argument about Jesus being bias about being a servant and shows that he is pure and only wants the best for the people. As many think he bring them liberation and be a mediator between them and God. As restated again that even Jesus said he sits at the right hand of the father. As a guy that served most of his adult life. Just to make a self-sacrifice by giving himself up. He could have fought back and led an armed rebellion, but he himself even said Am I not to drink the cup that the Father has given me. (John 18:11) Far be it from anyone to say that he did not serve. He died because he knew it was what he was supposed to do. Most people would not do the same thing today. Most people would probably would’ve fought back from the soldiers or would have even ran away and left town. Jesus did it because it was what was expected of him

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