Jesus and Mohammed Essay

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Jesus and Mohammed
Peter Walkoviak
HUM 130
November 11, 2012
Dr. Virginia Merelini

Jesus and Mohammed
Tracing the life of Jesus he was born in Bethlehem because his parents had to follow the roman rule that you have to return to your home town to complete a census. Jesus and his parents return to Nazareth where he grow up. At the age of twelve he was left behind well his parents did their yearly trip to Jerusalem for Passover. When they returned they found Jesus in a Temple talking to rabbis about the Torah. When Jesus was about thirty he went to John to be baptized. It is said the when it was over the heavens opened up and God spoke to Jesus. After being baptized Jesus went on a forty day retreat during his retreat Satan tried
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The Joseph asked Pilate for Jesus body. Joseph then put Jesus body in the family tomb with guards. On Sunday women that had traveled with Jesus went to the tomb to give him a proper burial that is when they found the tomb to be empty. After that appearance of Jesus where reported. The rising of Jesus had turned a defeat into win for Christianity. Tracing the life of Muhammad starts out a little different his father died before he was born and his mother died soon after. He was then given to his uncle how put him to work as a shepherd. When he was a teenager as Christian monk told him he was a prophet by the marks on his body. As he grow he was in charge of a caravan for a wealthy women. At the age of 25 the women who was now 40 asked marry him. This woman's name was Khadijah, and she would become Muhammad's greatest supporter. This around the time that he started his spiritual journey. It was not until he was about forty when the journey became a mission. On one of his retreats he received a message from the arch angle Gabriel. The angle ask him to read but because he never learned to read the angle had tell him what to say. These word became the first words of the Hole Qur'an. After three year he took this message and started to preach, but it did not go as planned. The Qurayshites had developed a trading route through the city of Mecca

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