Supernatural In Ancient China

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Supernatural is a concept frequently used in society, yet is still a broadly misunderstood term. Traditionally supernatural is understood to be everything that is not considered natural, interpreted by things you can’t physically see such as magic and Gods. The supernatural is related to things or actions that can’t logically be explained. However in Ancient China, the supernatural was believed to be controlled by human destiny and nature. They also believed that ghosts inhabited the earth. The supernatural concept has drastically changed along the decades. It is important to understand that the supernatural in ancient China had an extraordinary seriousness amongst the Chinese society and their lifestyle. I will expose and analyse the purpose …show more content…
It was accepted that spirits could do things to make you aware of them. In the text we can see that spirits could interact with humans specially when they were asleep. Through dreams, spirits could contact humans, as when you are sleeping you are relaxed and you slip into a different conscious state than when you are awake. Mediations was another way of contacting spirits and still is now in China. People mediate in order to interact with spirits or the after life. Being able to contact with spirits meant that the spirits could guide your life and make a happier better journey. This was essential in Ancient China as people seek in spirits a better way of living.

Confucius philosophy was also a very important doctrine in Ancient China and we can see this reflected in the text, Confucianism was considered to be a religion in China. Confucianism doctrine is related to the supernatural as the basis of the latter doctrine entails the concept of Heavens and the heavenly command and power, which regulates your fate. In the text Confucius disciples were worshipping the main character which resembled Confucius, the disciples were aware that
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In Ancient China the supernatural was believed to be a kind of religion, as the word religion didn 't enter Chinese society until the 19th century hence why the supernatural was so important in China. Therefore the purpose of the supernatural in Ancient China is to understand why Chinese people today have no problem in mixing religious practices with the supernatural. Other Cultures in the west viewed the supernatural with skepticism. In China this is not a problem as due to the different teachings and deities along their history once can choose to belief what is best for them. Even though today in China there’s not as much ancestral rites performed still Chinese society is identified to be a very ritual

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