Jazz History Concert Report II Essay

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Jazz History Concert Report II For my final concert writing critique, I decided to attend the live Ball State Student Jazz Combos on Tuesday, November 8; this event took place in Choral Hall inside of the university’s Music Instruction Building. The wooden hall was smaller than I thought it would have been, but it gave the concert setting a more intimate feel. There were three groups presenting that day, each under a different director. Because each group did not have a specific name, I had to label them based on the order in which they performed. The group that I will be reviewing in this paper is the student combo that I enjoyed most of all, the group that performed first and was directed by Dr. Routenberg. The group consisted of Andrew Fiorini on the trumpet, Noah Johnson on the trombone, Meghan Walls playing the piano, Andrew Moser on the electric bass, and Collin St. Mary on the drums. Regarding the music played at the concert, nine songs were played in total at the concert. The group directed by Dr. Routenberg played three songs on the night with respect to order: “Doodlin’” by Horace Silver, “Meditation” by Antonio Carlos Jobim, and finally “Lady Bird” by Tadd Dameron. All three songs were well rehearsed and performed smoothly. My undoubted favorite of the set was the first song, “Doodlin’,” as it seemed perfectly harmonized, and the bass solo was a surprising enhancement to the tone of the song. Also, the songs were significantly different from the ones I listened…

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