Personal Narrative: My Experience At MTSU Jazz Music

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I attended the MTSUU Jazz Artist Series at MTSU on Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 7:30 pm. The instrument amount was varied, but the expected Jazz instruments were all there: stand-up bass, piano, horn section, drums, etc. All of the woodwind players played different instruments throughout each piece. It was held in the T. Earl Hinton Music Hall in the Wright Music Building. Around 130 people were there. I never really know what to expect from school performances. I have never been to a completely Jazz concert before, and especially not one done by professionals. There were a lot more musicians playing than at the classical performance I went to, so the atmosphere felt different. There was a formal conductor this time, Ryan Truesdell, who was very free spirited and did not conduct during some parts of pieces. A few of the men in the collective work at MTSU, but I do not know about all of them. Near the end, students joined to add more instruments and sound that the pieces needed. Again, it was raining on this day too, so I was somewhat tired. Before the concert started, I thought we had to pay, so we almost did not go to the concert because …show more content…
I assume they had a connection to the student performers or really enjoy good jazz. I believe the audience’s favorite piece was Time of the Barracudas. The piece had a guest saxophone soloist. It seemed as though all the other performers and the conductor looked up to him by how they looked at him with such great admiration. This piece also had a solo for almost all of the instruments, which lead to a lot of clapping during the piece. The most cheering for a solo was after the drum solo. Usually solos have other instruments still playing quietly underneath them, but the drum solo was just him, which was really cool to

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