Java Is The Third Largest Island On The Nation Of Indonesia Essay example

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Java is the fourth largest island on the nation of Indonesia. Due to the dynamic split of the eighteenth century, the royal courts of Yogyakarta and Surakarta were established and each of the courts had created its own versions of the classical Javanese court dance bedoyo. The empire of the Asante stretched from central Ghana to present day Togo and the ivory coast of Africa region. The Asante’s region is said to be filled with highly disciplined and militaristic people. On many of the occasions, dancing was said to be a central display of power. Dancing at the courts was all over and it was “deliberate, dignified, measured, and hierarchical” (Jones 72). The Asantehene’s court in Ghana and the royal courts of central java have both undergone the transitions of newly formed governments in their countries because the “ideals of behavior embodied in their court rituals came to be viewed as emblems of a cultural and national identity” (Jones 72). Both the Javanese and the Asante share social and cultural similarities that allow them to be connected in the world of dance. Although they still display their own unique diversity and ways, they are part of the historic landmarks of social views that is present throughout the years of multiple dance forms, displaying the role of social status and power.
The Javanese bedhaya dance symbolizes the essence of balance or equilibrium, and is a quality that Javanese prize highly. It is danced by nine identically dressed women whose…

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