Essay on Jacket X Security Vulnerabilities : Analysis

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Jacket – X Security Vulnerabilities

Analysis of Jacket-X
Overview of corporation

Jacket – X Corporation is located in a large metropolitan area that manufacturer industrial-grade gloves, safety jackets and other specialized safety equipment. The Chief Information Officer at Jacket-X is concerned about the security procedures that are going on. For the past year, Jacket –X’s Human Resources department has experiencing financial issues. In additional, a member on the sale forces team loaned his son the company laptop without letting anyone know. The laptop was brought back into the building and was connected back to the corporate network before any sale person could perform any antivirus scans on the laptop. Jacket-X was able to stay current by installing a new Identity Management system that included Single Sign On features. Due to having privacy in the company, numerous customers and employees did not like the new system that was implemented on the network. Part 1 will focus on the potential threats and vulnerabilities that go on within the Jacket-X Corporation’s network. Analyzing the security threat and vulnerabilities will help determine the best solutions and recommendations for Jacket-X.

Enterprise Network Vulnerabilities
List vulnerabilities and threats

HR Payroll Process One of the main issues Jacket-X had was how the company operated their payroll system; too many people are giving the rights to make changes to the timecards, modify records and add…

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