J & K Bank Case Study

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2.2.6 INFRASTRUCTURE FACILITY: J&K Bank ltd is having a class ‘A’ infrastructure facility as a back to provide services to its customers. Bank is having its corporate offices at both Srinagar and Jammu as a multi-storey building. J&K Bank ltd has 725 branches and 650 ATMs which are well equipped and furnished. The bank is using latest technology in their branches to provide better services. Every branch is fully furnished with chairs and tables and other accessories. Bank has also installed modern banking machines like passbook update machine, waiting ticket machine and check drop machine. Now J&K Bank ltd is expanding its branch network by opening 122 new business units and 179 ATMs in the state of J&K to increase banking infrastructure …show more content…
 Not fit for rural India
 Market share reduces from last few years
 Products are costly
 If they able to improve efficiency, it will be a golden opportunity to take over the market
 Can install new branches and ATMs across the country
 Main threat to J&K Bank ltd is their competitors like State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank and Graeme bank etc.
 Services provided by others banks are technologically better than J&K bank ltd.

2.2.9 Future growth and prospects
 Their policy explains every year growth and continuous growth towards the employees.
 Increases affluence
 Greater life expectancy
 Increases complexity of products/technological advancement which helps an individual to grow forward.
 Increases environmental awareness.
BALANCE SHEET OF THE YEAR 2008- 2013 This table is showing the balance sheet of the J&K bank ltd.
PARTICULARS 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14
Source of funds
A. Share holders’ funds 4,85,79,643 6,77,79,655 11,05,63,522 14,48,92,581 17,21,46,918
B. Long term funds 6,71,26,301 9,22,89,204 11,13,19,526 12,01,07,874
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