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Lovelypuppy---- (Yunni Li, Shengying Liao, Weiguo Wu, Zhuoyuan Zhong, Amy Carls)
A. We choose the “lovely puppy” as our domain name. Certainly, it is a really direct name to make our customer to figure out the objects of our company. But the point we need to mention is that the aim of our company is to encourage customer to adopt a puppy instead of buying one. Our business focuses on the gathering information of different organizations. We compare and find the best puppy to fit customer’s requirements. In other words, we act as the intermediary between customers and various organizations. Besides offering information to customers, we can also evaluate the qualification of the customers for adoption.
The statement of the specific
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We also offer the accessories to new adopters. As the information center, we also offer some tips for new adopters. We hope that the puppies and our customers will have a good life in the future. In any section of our website, you will find the contact information about our group members for the convenience of our customers to ask any questions they might have regarding the puppies or the process of the applications.
Dog Sell/Adopt Organization Price Form Sell/Adopt URL
Oodle Marketplace for Dog $300-1695 Third Party sell
PetFinder $0-500 Third Party Adopt
ASPCA $65-265 First party Adopt
Posh Puppies Rescue & Adoption Center $450-700 First Party Adopt
B. Our company market strategy is targeted at people who hold a warm heart and willing to adopt a dog in Saint Louis. We provide a rough price of raising a dog. For the first year it is around $5,558 and the following years is $4,939, which means the adopters' income has to be at least $1,000 per month. We price our dogs at $500 (median) per dog, which is $75 lower than Posh Puppies Rescue & Adoption Center's pets. We set up our own locate store in St. Louis for better service. Oodle Marketplace for Dog: This is a very challenging third party

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