It 's Freshman Year I 'm Having Dinner With My Best Friend Essay

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It’s freshman year, I’m having lunch with my best friend Stephanie and some girl who use to be her best friend. Cool right? Stephanie and I went to go get some Jamba Juice inside the cafeteria, Britney caught up to us about a minute later.
On our way back to our usual lunch spot I see a very attractive guy. Nice eyes, nice smile, and pretty tall.
So I told Stephanie “Hey, that guy is super cute.”
She replied “Yea, he’s alright.”
We have totally different taste in guys.
Britney over heard on what I told Stephanie. So Britney decided to approach this attractive guy that happen to be with his group of friends. I’m not quite sure what Britney told him, but him and his friends looked at me and were all saying “oooooohhh!!” they started to tease him and he turned all red.
The bell rang.
So Stephanie and I started to walk to class and she also started to tease me about it.
Stephanie said “Don’t say stuff around Britney, because if you’re too shy to tell that person she’ll go and tell them for you.” I said “Ugh, I’m totally hatting her at the moment.”
We both finally arrive to our classes.
Her class was about a door down from my health class. It was the last class of the day. All during my sixth period I was still so embarrassed about what Britney had said to the cute guy. The next day I was so nervous because I didn’t want to bump into the guy. Lunch was almost over we only needed about 10 more minutes. All of a sudden I saw the cute guy and his friends were walking…

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