Essay on It Was My Prom Night

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It was my prom night. As a Freshmen going with a senior I was very excited. I was not at my prom night for 45 min before I knew I didn’t want to be there. My date was a handsy and rude dance partner and my so called friends left me to go drink at some party. So I called my best friend to come and pick me up and without hesitation she was there in ten minutes. Not bothering to tell my "date" I was leaving and ignoring his calls, I left and made plans to go bowling with my best friend and other people. I had no idea then when I went home to change that life would be different. I went inside my house with my best friend Destiny. We could hear stomping and yelling but we ignore it and go to my room. My dad comes to me in tears (not a sight I ever thought I would see). He said to me "She is leaving me, did you know about this? How could she do this?" I felt trapped and embarressed with my best friend witnessing all of this. I couldn’t tell him that I did know. I knew for a long time that my mother wasn’t happy and didn’t have any feelings for my father. For as long as I can remember they slept in separate beds. But this was more than that, my mom always found a reason to go out or stay late at work. Most of the time I would be with her if she wanted to go out to get away from my dad. My mom and I have always been very close, he knew that. When I wasn’t answering any of his questions he left my room even more distraught then when he entered. I was…

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