It Is Not Worth Racing Essay

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There have been several movies with the same genre where the protagonist is not always the victor, especially when it comes to film scenes that involve racing. I chose the title, “It is not Worth Giving Up When it Comes to Racing,” because in these movie scenes the protagonist does not win a particular car race. After losing the race they realize that it is not over. They realize that one loss is just the beginning to a great new start in their lives. The film scenes being compared have to follow certain rules. The first rule is that the protagonist can not be victor of the race. Second, there has to be a high speed race with the protagonist and other characters. Third, the scene has to last longer than what it normally would. Meaning that if a race is to last thirty seconds in actual time, in the film scene it will last about double the time due to the slow motion effects. Last but not least, the characters hardly speak during the …show more content…
There are also a lot of side by side views so that the audience can see where the cars are standing next to each other. This is mostly to show that they are a couple of feet away from each other. The side shot is also used when the cars get to the finish line so that we can see who the winner is. This scene could have been a one minute race yet it was a four minute race due to all of the different items being emphasized to make the scene more interesting. These two film scenes have fit the genre of, “It is not Worth Giving Up When it Comes to Racing.” Which follow the rules of having the protagonist lose whatever race they are going into. It is a high speed race with two or more characters. The characters hardly speak during the race, which emphasizes the noises of the cars/vehicles being used. The scene also has to be longer than what the actual race itself would be in real

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