Essay on It Doesn 't Take A Cape

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It Doesn’t Take a Cape Throughout my life, I have come to view all people as having the potential to exhibit heroic quality, but this has not always been the case. I mainly used to only identify Heroism as being attainable for men. It is certain my ignorant beliefs as a child would not serve me well in the real world. In deciding who has displayed such true, genuine acts of heroism, my judgements would be made from personal experience and what I seen on television. However, as maturity takes hold, comes the realization that it is not always possible to just ooze heroism, as those dressed up in costumes on the television screen did so effortlessly. Expectations of what it means to demonstrate such heroism, changes dramatically with age, and each person’s expectations are different. Furthermore, when a person has impressed upon me a great desire for serving all God’s creation with love, humility, selflessness, through pain, through heartache and all while being without complaint or expectation, is true heroism. That would be my mature version of heroism. As a child, I would have chosen Superman or similar as a definition of a Hero. No matter the view or definition, heroism is a great thing to have in this world. We need heroes, as heroism fuels the hope mankind needs.

My first memory of who I believed to be a hero was always a male figure. It takes very little impression to leave a child believing one is of the great heroes of modern times. I say this because, looking…

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