Issues in Multicultural Education Essay

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Issues in Multicultural Education

Effective instructors must understand the issues that impact multicultural education in the United States. The significance of providing an eminence instruction in an unbiased approach to all of their students is essential. The tide of demographic changes in the United States has affected most classrooms in our schools. As a result, some classroom teachers realize they must quickly acquire a comprehensive understanding of ethnic, cultural, and social-class diversity present in today’s schools. Otherwise, these teachers will face difficulty in classrooms comprised of fifty-one percent minority students. (Texas Education Agency, 1993) Nonetheless, traditional teachers with no experience in multicultural
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Texas offers certified workshops in this area of teaching. Many of the traditional teachers attend these multicultural education workshops and some do not. These workshops should be mandatory in the importance of providing quality education to multicultural students in Texas. There are a significant amount of students to accommodate being that Texas borders Mexico, although, there are ESL, English as a second Language, to students that do not speak the language fluently. The ESL program is a brilliant program, but it does not fulfill the emptiness of the missing link. Enhancing the workshops will bring interesting and new ideas to the multicultural classroom. Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts offers a workshop to introduce new ways of implementing multicultural education in the classroom. There are also many workshops to accommodate the instructor that cannot travel, or that does not fit their schedule by offering online workshops because of the excessive need for instruction on the subject in Texas. There is the problem, and there is a solution; now what is expected on outcome? Teachers that gain academic knowledge on multicultural education will have the tools to provide accommodations the diverse students in the classroom. Effective multicultural education pointers to a collection of students gaining and accepting extreme acceptance

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