Isolation Experience

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I’ve never known isolation until the week of April first. Everyone knew me as the head cheerleader, leader of the in-crowd, and the popular girl that everyone wanted to hang out with. I am no longer that girl. We started to plan our spring break trip in December. We girls could not wait for the week of April first to get here. Our plans consisted of laying on the beach getting sun, walking around Pier Park to shop, and dressing up at night to take pictures. As the trip began to get closer and closer, I began to have second thoughts on whether I should go or not. Our group of friends began to have some tension and I did not know if I should go. I knew that we had already paid the money for the condo and that I should go because we would end …show more content…
Little did I know, the trip would not play out that way. The decision to tell my mom that my friends had brought alcohol in the car, endured isolation for the first time in my high school career.
I woke up to a hectic Wednesday morning. The girls franticly ran around the condo trying to figure out what to wear to Sydney’s Boyfriend Andrew’s beach house in Destin. I got down from the top bunk of the bed and walked into the kitchen to grab a glass of water. The moms sat in the living room and watched the local news on the TV. I made small talk and worked my way back to our room. The girls started yelling at me to get ready because they wanted to leave and hurry to Andrew’s house. I started to go through my drawers and find a bathing suit to wear. In all of the chaos, I accidently stepped on a nail on the floor. In punctured the bottom of my heel, and I began to wail. I
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When we entered the house, the guys had blaring music, football games playing on the TV, and drinking games all happening. The girls immediately pulled out the rum and began making drinks. When I saw Melissa, the driver, start to drink, I began to feel even more uncomfortable. I texted my mom again to tell her how things have escalated. She told Melissa’s mom and that was when things went downhill. Melissa’s mom called her and began to yell at her. After the conversation ended, Melissa began to yell at me and tell me how I should’ve kept my mouth shut. When we walked back into the house, the girls and guys wanted the walk to the beach. I kept my distance from Melissa. On the beach things really started to unfold. The moms went out to lunch and my mom started to tell the other moms that the other girls brought alcohol down to Andrew’s to drink. All of the other girls got calls from their moms that did not end well. The girls began to curse at me saying that they “fucking hated me”, and how I was an awful friend. The girls ganged up on me and started screaming in my face. My eyes began to fill with tears as I tried to step back so I could call my mom. The people around the beach all started to look in my direction and wondered what was going on. When I called my mom, barely able to speak, she said she was on her way to get me. We walked back to the house, me walking by myself trailing behind in

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