Islamophobia In The United States

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One of the premises the United States is founded on is the concept of the unalienable rights: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Does being subjected to name-calling such as “rag-head” or “firecracker” by American citizens demonstrate the values the United States was founded on? If individuals are coming over from the Middle East searching for better opportunities and are being deprived of their basic, essential needs, what does that say about America as a country? Why American citizens who value these unalienable rights are depriving others of rights they hold essential to America is explained by a phenomenon known as islamophobia, and islamophobia is sending the United States into political turmoil.
As an individual growing up in a part of Virginia where nearly everyone was white, I never truly realized how prevalent islamophobia is in America. My lack of exposure to Muslim Americans and the prejudice they face caused me to overlook islamophobia as a social issue entirely and dismiss it as not a pressing issue in the United States. This perception on islamophobia changed when I made a friend from Saudi-Arabia at Virginia Commonwealth University. Assuming
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People who grew up like I did are living in a false reality of what is going on in the world and basing their personal opinions on negative portrayals of the media and the opinions of others. My life was changed when I met my friend from Saudi Arabia and realized islamophobia is a much larger problem than I thought. The importance of being an open-minded individual is growing every day. Open yourself up to different opinions and try to see the opinions on all sides of a situation. Only through understanding other people’s differences and cultures can Americans make strides to ameliorate the prejudice Muslims and Middle-Easterners experience in the United

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