Islam Is The Religion Of Peace And The Fastest Growing Ideology

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Islam means peace. Basically Islam is the religion of peace and the fastest growing ideology. Islam has been linked fundamentally with Prophet Mohammed. Prophet Mohammed was the last Prophet and was the chosen recipient closer to Allah the Almighty. According to a devout Muslim, Islam was in existence long before Prophet Mohammed was born. Islam was present since Prophet Adam followed by Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and many more who were all Islamic Prophets and are regarded equally in Quran.

Islam was in existence since the 7th century in Saudi Arabia and was introduced by Prophet Mohammed (570 – 632 A.D.). Islam is about 1400 years old and is monotheistic religious tradition which means believing in one God, which started in the 7th century in the Middle East. Prophet Mohammed was the founder of Muslim religion throughout the world as he was the last of the Prophets of Allah the Almighty. It is believed that Prophet had experienced an angelic visitation.

Islamic stories
Islam is a monotheistic religion similar to that of Christianity and Judaism, the stories related are very much common amongst all this religion. Muslims believe that the religious texts of Jews and Christians have been corrupted by the hands of man over the passage of time.
Most of the stories and events are also incorporated in Islamic scriptures. The stories of prophets are also incorporated in the Islamic scriptures. Traditionally many religions have regarded spirituality as an…

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