The Five Pillars Of Islam

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The Five Pillars of Islam help Muslims follow the religion called Islam. To truly be faithful in Islam, you must follow all five pillars. The first pillar is shahada, or faith. To be a faithful Muslim, you must confess your faith. The profession of faith goes like this,” There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.” Or if you want say it Arabic,” La ilaha illa Allah wa- Muhammad rasul Allah.” The religion Islam basically translates to the words “to submit to God.” A Muslim is also translated to “one who submits to God.” The second pillar of Islam is salat, or prayer. A faithful Muslim must pray for guidance five times per day. You must pray once at sunrise, once in the afternoon, once at sunset, and once in the evening. When praying …show more content…
This pillar states that everyone should be treated equally so you should give to the poor and needy. When giving to the less fortunate, you should do it in private, not out in the open. Almsgiving is usually for the needy, but can also be used for paying your taxes as well. Although almsgiving is not very defined in the Qur’an, it is still expected of every Muslim to follow it and do the right thing. The fourth pillar of Islam is sawm, or fasting. To show your faith in Allah that you believe in it, you must fast on the ninth month of the the Islamic calendar, Ramadan. The fasting starts when the sun rises and ends when it sets. Cannon fire represents the setting of the sun. When it’s fired, Muslims may crowd the streets and talk, eat, and socialize. Although fasting is very important to show faith, some people are excused. People who are very ill, of elder age, or women who are pregnant are able to skip fasting until they are eligible to take part in fasting once again. The fifth and final pillar of Islam is hajj, or pilgrimage. For Muslims who are are able to, they must make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their life. When there, you must visit the holiest shrine in Islamic history, the Ka’aba. This pilgrimage must happen during and only on the twelfth month in the Islamic calendar. Millions will surround the shrine and you must walk around it seven times and pray to

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