Essay on Is Worth Earning A Business Degree?

730 Words Nov 7th, 2015 3 Pages
There is a slight controversy on whether it is worth earning a business degree. Several individuals claim once a business major graduates from higher education all they have to show for it is debt. Although, that may be true for some, there is an even greater number of business students that succeed. There are countless ways to ensure success for an entrepreneur such as having prior experience, networking and creating a plan. For business majors who are interested in starting their own business, or even those who would like to be management of an establishment, it is always best to have prior work experience. Having work experience in the field an individual has a desire to manage raises the chances of success. For an example, one way to obtain experience is to take part in an internship. There are different types of internships such as paid and unpaid, as well as credit or no-credit internships which allows a student to receive class credits. Being unaware of the different types of internships, I was hesitant to go in that direction but soon learned of the endless benefits. There are several benefits of having an internship, and gaining work experience is just one of them. Another benefit is being able to decide if the particular area of business is a right fit for the individual, they may decide they don’t enjoy it as much as they expected. A tremendous benefit of an internship is being able to transition into a job once the internship is complete. If an intern…

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