Is Wi Fi Be Able For Function Properly? Essay

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Textbooks do not have to rely on Wi-Fi to be able to function properly. This is a positive factor to having textbooks in classrooms. Classwork can be completed without having to depend on the Wi-Fi to operate correctly. There are downfalls to relying on Wi-Fi to finish documents, research, and homework assignments for classes such as students may not have Wi-Fi connections at home, “one-third of Americans do not have internet access at their households” (ProCon 3). According to Kajeet, 30% of students nationwide lack home Internet access. Not having Wi-Fi at home can cause problems, unless there are features on tablets/computers to access files while in a non Wi-Fi area. This is a setting accessible on all tablets/computers that is an offline version of what he/she is working on. Changes made without Wi-Fi will still be saved on the tablet/computer. Another way to prevent crashing within tablets/computers is to keep them updated devices. These devices will inform the user when the tablet/computer will need to be updated. Updates usually only last a brief amount of time and minor issues will be resolved within the tablet/compuer. Textbooks do not have this concern connected to them. Students will be able to use a textbook no matter the condition. Hacking and Wi-Fi issues can cause schools to lose a day of school, which would not affect schools that use textbooks.
Tablets/computers are adequate to access modern learning material, while textbooks are not. Textbooks do not have…

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