Essay on Is The River Dance Irish Company?

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The Late show with Stephen Colbert invited many well-known choreographers. I was visiting New York at the time and I’ve never seen a live professional performance before, so I purchased a couple of tickets for the show. The event started at seven o’clock, but I had to be there at least an hour earlier to have enough time to find the theater as well as parking. The theatre was quite elegant, so I opted to wear a black dress to the event. Once I arrived, I was greeted by ushers dressed in white shirts with a red velvet vest, black ties and a pair of black slacks. The lobby was filled with people dressed so elegantly I felt I was in a movie. Everyone, made their way to the auditorium. I saw two performances that really caught my attention and the reason I’m writing this is because it is an assignment. Therefore, the first performance I’m going to write about is the River Dance Irish Company. The choreographer is Michael Flatly his piece is titled lord of the Dance Dangerous Games. The second performance of the night that I’m going to be writing about is a piece choreographed by Etienne Cakpo, Kokou Gbakenou, Jimu Makurmbandi and was performed by Gansango Music & Dance. The performance started with thirteen men in two rows dressed in all black entire which consists of a flat cap with a muscle shirt and a pair slacks. They also wore hard shoes similar to the ones used for tap dancing. The stage was lit with white fluorescent lights and some sort of strobing effect in the…

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