Is The Internet Changing Youth? Essay

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Is the Internet Changing Youth? How does the internet affect the intellectual ability and social aspect of youth? Over the years there have been many advancements in technology, and with that children have also advanced in their knowledge. Kids are known for being curious to new things regardless of how big or small they are. (Mason, 2012) Children, and teenagers in this age have grown up around computers and technology, watching T.V and texting/ talking on the phone is a normal everyday thing for them. (APA) “Youth is the fastest growing age group using the Internet; yet where they lack awareness and have limited ability to assess risk and make decisions, they are vulnerable. Multi-stakeholder cooperation at the local, national and international level is an effective way to create awareness of the importance of child protection issues in some regions of the world.” Nevertheless, policing offences requires multi-agency co-operation at the local and national level, while on an international level, cooperation and information-sharing is vital in dealing with child protection. (Internet Society) It appears that Internet use has a positive effect on in a huge way on children that are poor says researchers. Being the least likely to own a computer themselves, they have a disadvantage from other kids. "The interesting twist here is that the very children who are most likely to benefit from home Internet access are the ones least likely to have it," says Jackson. "It 's a…

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