How Does Modernity Corrupt Us

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Modernity corrupts what’s best in us.
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Modernity corrupts what is best in us Modernity corrupts what is best in us. Everything we presume as progress-urbanization, technology and science and so on has a certain impact on our lives. Rousseau argues that civilization has corrupted humans. Human behavior and way of life differ from people to people depending on their orientation. Each day humans to strive to enhance their lives. As they continue to try to achieve their best, they come into terms with the ever changing dynamics of the society. The changing dynamics require that you conform to it or risky being swallowed by it. Today the global society has been turned into a village whereby different
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The root cause of moral decadence in the society is accessibility of information or luck of it. Technological advancement has continued to increase the access of information to every member of the society. Televisions broadcast audio visual information. The information is not limited as whom will access it since it is there for everyone to see. Age classification to categorize whom is supposed to watch a certain program does not make those are locked out of the program not to watch it. It rather creates curiosity to those who are locked out and thus making them to watch it actually. It then exposes certain groups such as children audience to adult content. This corrupts their thinking as they wish to try what they saw. Internet provides other materials such as pornographic content. There is no mechanism to ensure only those who are intended to consume are the only consumer since even those who are not intended to consume also consume it. Members of the society are then corrupted to believe such vices are good but in the end they find themselves addicted to such …show more content…
Young girls think that prostitution is the way out to making easy money after being exposed to such content. The boys are neither left as they engage themselves in vices such as masturbation with statistics showing that majority of adolescents in most of developed nation engage in it. Drugs and substance abuse is also contributed to a large extent by access of information in that advertising of drugs such as tobacco and alcohol makes young audience to think that it is ok to use them. It is from this concept where they became addicted to such drugs and also get more information on where to get other types of drugs. Therefore, the dangers of modernity corrupting our values is enshrined in advanced technology that creates an avenue for access of information. Science and moral corruption. Science and scientist tries to prove everything with facts. Any allusion that has not facts to support it in scientific terms is then referred as incorrect. Theoretical orientation of facts is dismissed if it lucks scientific factual to support it. Thus science robes us of natural freedom. Science has made people cruel. Discovery of scientific weapons such as chemical bombs and other weapons has made people to believe that there are superior to others and thus creating animosity among

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