Is Tasmanian Owned Business Operating? Essay

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The TTI is Tasmanian owned business operating since 2013. It has been providing excellent services in a variety of areas, including accredited and non-accredited trainings. All of it services are focusing on not only individual people, but also business institutions in Tasmania. Since last year, however, the company began suffering from a loss due to a various issues, how to address those problems, in order to operate the business smoothly, has been an urgent concern for the TTI. In this report, we would like to identify some potential problems associated with the operation of the TTI, then analyzing and discussing those harmful issues in depth, we will subsequently recommond some viable solutions to deal with those confronting issues, and finally suggest some appropriate ways of dealing with business in the foreseeable future.
2.1 Background

The TTI started in 2013. It suffered from a loss last year (by referring to Appendix 1), and is tested to the utmost. Dr. Margaret told us that the main issue of the company is the lack of human resources, the current trainer who is a part-time employee is unable to offer courses regularly. In 2014, the company who did well trained 19 students as Dr. Margaret had time to deliver the courses. In 2015, however, Dr. Margaret who found a full time job in a university did not have spare time to hold training sessions during weekdays, while not many people would like to study the courses at weekends, meanwhile the trainer could not be able…

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