Essay on Is Talent A Human Being?

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I did ask for fan questions, and I got a really great one here. Since you 're an acting coach, if you have someone who is thinking about acting for a career, how are you able to figure out if they have acting talent or not? Is there something you would recommend they do to determine if they have talent or not?

You know, it 's easier than people think actually. Talent is insanely overrated. I think talent comes through hard work and learning the craft. I find this an interesting occupation I 'm in, and I guess I 've always approached if differently than most of the world. I know a lot of people think that to be an actor, you have to be born with it. Everyone assumes that everyone who does it is just naturally good at it. What we do is we recreate real life, human experiences on cue and on command, but all we 're doing is recreating humanity. So the first question is, "Are you a human being?" And if you are, congratulations, you can do this. That 's the hardest step. And even then, if you 're a dog, there 's dog movies. But it 's a learned skill.

I find it interesting that lot of people think, "Oh, I could never be an actor. I 'm no good at it." Butif they wanted to be a doctor, they wouldn 't say, "Oh, I 'm not gonna be a doctor. I 'd be no good at it." Well, probably not right now 'cause you didn 't go to medical school. But I bet if you went to medical school and you read the books and you went to the lectures and you did the practical elements that you needed, I bet…

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