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That is really fast! I 'm used to talking with people who say it will be ready in six to eight months or a year or more. So hearing this is like wow! You guys are working very, very quickly to have just wrapped about a month or so before premiering.

We are, and we have had people in two other countries and three other states, and everybody has gotten their stuff back. We 've literally been working on this project from concept--we just started off with a script that existed and it just got rewritten a bunch of times. But we 've been working on this project for two years, and it 's completed and I 'm just so proud of it. We were just about done and two weeks before we were officially in post-production, the director said we needed one more action shot and we had to go out into the desert for one more shot, and I just belly-laughed like, "You 're serious? The movie is just about finished!" And he was serious. So that was our last shot. About six weeks ago. People all over the world have been sending notices wanting to know about it. It 's very exciting to us. I guess we work a lot like Peter Jackson does. He just keeps reshooting and reshooting until it 's perfect, and so do we. It 's been exciting for me to be on this journey because I 've never worked with a director who was this fanatical on a budget before. Even working with Neil {Johnson} on a project before, it 's never been like this.

I notice also that you 've done some writing.

I have on a couple of projects I…

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