Is Privacy Still Important? Today 's Digital Age? Essay

768 Words Aug 7th, 2015 4 Pages
Is privacy still important in today’s digital age? Do you feel like every time you get in front of your computer someone is looking over your shoulder? Is our privacy ever private in the world of cyberspace? It seems like when you type a word in the search engine it already suggest what you are looking for, the websites and search engines seemed tailored to what you like to read, post and shop for when you go online. Privacy is dead and the Internet contains all the important information that can be easily hacked or stolen, nothing that you put online nowadays is safe anymore. According to Weeks (2012), “There are so many relentless assaults coming at all angles — from closed-circuit cameras to GPS trackers to online cookies to spammers, hackers, malware makers, spyware spinners, identity thieves and countless other assailants — he cannot fight them all anymore. Its like a cat and mouse game, the developers will find a solution to stop cyber crimes such as spamming, hacking, malware making and other countless illegal activities that has a goal of stealing your identity and use it for their own purpose. The recent introduction of encryption makes us believe that we are protected but technology can only do so much, it does not stop the online intruders to steal our own personal data. We are no longer private the moment you fill out an online form to sign up for a product website or a social media website you are making yourself vulnerable to get your identity stolen. The…

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