Is Prenatal Education And How Patients Receive This Information?

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Problem Identification
The problem that will be discussed in this paper is prenatal education and how patients receive this information.
When a newly pregnant woman is beginning care with our practice, she will have her first appointment with a nurse. At this visit the patients’ history is reviewed. Patients are given a large packet that contains educational materials, pamphlets, as well as a 200-page book for her to take home. This information is not reviewed with the patient prior to leaving they are just told it is for them to review. The first visit is the only one that written educational material is given to the patient unless they request more. Patients do not receive any other forms of education
Rationale for Change, Quality Improvement, or Innovation
The current nursing practice needs to be changed because patients do not have the same learning style and the literacy level of the patient population will vary as well. Not having patient-specific education available to them will hinder their education as well as decrease their satisfaction.
We also need to look at the different ways this educational material can be offered to our patients in a method they are requesting as well as in a language or reading level that suits them. By giving patients a large amount of material at one time is not an effective way of learning. To learn and maintain this knowledge the information needs to be provided in stages and at the time the patient needed it.
With all the…

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