Is Our Future Dependent On Reading? Essay

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The question, “Is our future dependent on reading?” is what Neil Gaiman addressed in his persuasive piece that was published on the newspaper website The Guardian. Because of the fact that it is a persuasive article, Gaiman was very adamant in his position on the issue. He claimed that the best method for a successful and literate future is to read to children when they are young so they can form good habits at a young age. In order to most effectively get his message across, Gaiman demonstrated the use of ethos, pathos, logos, as well as forming his arguments with the use of six plus one traits. There are many ways to get your message across to readers and one way that writers do this is in the way that they present their arguments. One way to form arguments is to base the writing on logos. Logos arguments are ones that are, in short, based on logic. For example, logos arguments include facts, data, expert opinions, and even inductive and deductive reasoning. Gaiman’s use of logos is mainly introduced as forms of examples. This goes hand in hand with pathos because it is also a story he is telling at times. When he starts a point with phrases such as, “I was in China in 2007 when…” or “I was lucky. I had an excellent local library growing up.” By him giving exact examples of his life it adds to the logic of the argument because the reader thinks that this guy has seen it in real life he must know what he is talking about. This also builds the credibility of the writer in…

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