Is Not A Serial Killer? Essay

1455 Words Mar 16th, 2016 6 Pages
“Violence isn 't always evil.” (Morrison) Josh Steinbeck is a musically inclined individual, will graduate as valedictorian of his class and enjoys unwinding at the end of the day by playing Grand Theft Auto. His face glued to the television, exposed to gruesome acts of violence. Nonetheless, Josh is not a serial killer. How is this possible? Adolescents who play violent video games are killers. Dead wrong. According to Alice Park of TIME newspaper, “90% of children in the US play video games and 90% of those children play games that involved mature content.” Yet, it is possible that not one of these children will grow up to commit serious acts of violence. In fact, the majority of the children who become criminals never even play video games. Furthermore, when profiling a killer factors such as childhood abuse or neglect play a larger role in the equation than whether or not the offender played Call of Duty. Nonetheless, society wants to believe that a catalyst such as violent video games causes a person to commit such heinous acts rather than holding the felon responsible. Some people are cruel, point-blank. However, nine times out of ten a felon will plead not guilty looking to place the blame anywhere else. The only deed these culprits are not guilty of is taking responsibility for their own actions. Violent video games are vulnerable and an easy target to point fingers at when trying to escape the law because of the controversial content in these games. However making a…

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