Is It Wrong With Being An Employed Student? Essay

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There is nothing wrong with being an employed student. Teenagers work for several reasons. Many teenagers need to work in order to support their families, while other teenagers work in order to support themselves. It is important that teenagers are exposed to the work field. Working is beneficial to teenagers because it can help them gain work experience, acquire valuable skills, and keep up with their education. Insert data and talk about teamwork and values gained before examples.

Although having a job can take a toll on students, many students are able to manage their schoolwork while also working. The Urban Institute conducted a study that answers the question, “Is work by teenagers associated with negative school-related outcomes, especially among teens in low-income and welfare families?” This study proved that 2.4 percent of working teenagers do poorly at school, while 6.5 percent of nonworking teenagers do poorly at school. Eighty- two percent of students that worked more than twenty hours a week never skipped school. However, 74.9 percent of students that did not work, never skipped school. Lastly, 55.3 percent of teenagers that work less than twenty hours per week turned in all of their homework in on time, compared to the 50.4 percent of nonworking students (Lerman). This data is proof that teenagers are able to work while also earning an education. Having a job at an early age will help the students develop time-management, interpersonal, problem solving,…

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