Essay on Is It Possible to Create a Perfect Human Being?

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As William Penn says in his book, Some Fruits of Solitude, in Reflections and Maxims Relating to the Conduct of Human Life, "Men are generally more careful of the breed of their horses and dogs than of their children." This statement is true, to a point. While eugenical artificial selection could in fact ‘breed’ an ideal human being, as is done with horses and dogs, there is a level of eugenics that has gone too far. During WWII, Adolf Hitler took the stance of eugenics as an innovative idea that was for the greater good. However, his proposal of eugenics was eliminating all other choices of humans other than his ideal image – the Aryan race. The murder of over 11 million people can hardly be compared with propagation, but they both derive …show more content…
Technology is not always dependable. Artificial hearts fail, cellular phones break, and planes crash. In 1993, 7 people died in a plane crash due to engine failures. Not only is technology not one hundred percent reliable, but if humans are eventually comprised completely of artificial parts, then emotion will no longer remain. As exemplified in Anthem, a society without emotion is detrimental. The citizens of Anthem believe that they know everything that there is to know, but they are mistaken. In order to ensure equality, the idea of love was removed, and along with it, family, spirituality and opinion. If machines become the main factor in this world, it is possible that Anthem could be the future. The World Council defines and enforces the law, so that all are the same and perfect by Anthem’s standards. Cybernetic organisms can be manipulated by humans to be perfect, or without flaw, but possible consequences are risky. With cybernetic organisms as the extreme in creating the perfect human being, genetic modification for health purposes is a less drastic measure. With technology today, cures to diseases, such as Anthrax and H1N1, are being discovered at a rapid pace. If one can inject the vaccine of all known diseases into embryos until all diseases are eradicated, everyone would be healthy, and in a sense, perfect. Brave New World is a society of perfect health. All citizens are immunized at decantation and are able to live a life free of disease and

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