Is It Be Goodnight Moon Or Runaway Bunny? Essay

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All my life, I have loved listening and reading words, watching them float out of a person’s mouth or off of a page, forming into images. As a child, every morning, every night, was spent listening… listening to my mom, dad, or ba (my grandmother) read to me. I would walk up to them with my tiny toes and button nose and give them a book, whether it be Goodnight Moon or Runaway Bunny by Margaret Brown, or a book by Eric Carle, most likely The Secret Birthday Message. As I have gotten older, I have started to appreciate reading alone, and analysing books by myself. From about four years old, reading word after word, carefully digesting them in one by one has come natural to me. Reading historical fiction, specifically about the Holocaust has helped me thrive as a reader. I have always liked understanding the moral of the story, and thinking about the characters, relating to them, laughing with them, crying with them. I believe that there has always been a purpose to reading, but I have always asked myself, “Why do I enjoy reading so much?”. I have come to the conclusion that I love learning, and the overlying theme of lifetime learning is the reason why I read.
When I was a little girl, staring at the pictures in a book had always been something I enjoyed doing; analyzing how they were drawn, what colors they used. Entertaining was one word to describe this, but what I loved most was listening to the voice of my mom, dad, and ba: how they pronounced the words, the way they…

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