Is It A Teacher? Essay

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Being a teacher to me means a lot more than just a good salary, good benefits and a union; being a teacher to me surpasses the idea of material life and my summers off; to me it is shaping the future of the world. To possibly have the next President of the United States, the next doctor to create breakthrough medicine, or the next historian inside of my classroom fills me with joy and makes me want to teach for as long as the Lord allows. Teaching is a job that holds more power than just grades. Although grades are the standards that the modern school district uses, what is taught in a classroom stretches far beyond the classroom. Henry Brooks once said, “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops”, a teacher cannot fully comprehend the full scope of influence they will have, not only to their student but also whoever else comes in contact with that student. I want to influence my students in a way that is pleasing to God, both in and out of the classroom, that it may further bring people to Him and glorify Him through the knowledge of his creation. Education has been a part of my life since I was born. My parents were born in the Dominican Republic, both to very poor and large families. My parents came to the United States in hopes for a different and better life. When my parents came to the United States, they had no money to their name and barely any family to support them. My father first started working at a corner store in the Bronx that…

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